Lauryn Mannigel (M.A. Contemporary Art and New Media, Université Paris 8) creates multi-sensory workshops.

Mannigel’s workshops invite participants to critically engage with specific topics through the senses. The workshops will also encourage curiosity about sensory perception and offer a reflective approach towards experiences.

To develop new workshops, Mannigel leans on her practice of artistic research. Her work reflects on issues related to the Western cultural dominance of visual epistemology by exploring primarily non-visual perception. She is currently exploring the political and aesthetic potential of the sense of people’s smell. The concepts for the workshops are based in the fields of the cultural history of smell, the neuroscience and psychology of smell, the philosophy of smell, and the sociology of smell.

Mannigel is always keen to discover new topics touching upon culture, non-visual sensory perception, decolonizing knowledge, and tackling racism.

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See her workshop portfolio here.