Smell Lab Spektrum

co-founder & co-organizer with Lieke Anne, Alfredo Ciannameo & Klara Ravat
SPEKTRUM | art science community, Berlin, DE

The Smell Lab Spektrum was a monthly meeting space for hands-on experimentation and research around the sense of smell. It encouraged inter- and cross-disciplinary experimentation and collaboration. The lab offered a physical and digital space for knowledge exchange about ideas, techniques and research. Everyone interested in engaging with other smell enthusiasts was welcome.

Using a variety of smell experiments, we explored olfactory awareness and perceptual experience through the diverse use of spoken language. Some experiments were blindfolded. Moreover, ideas for possible future collaborative project ideas were discussed. In addition, we learned about the science of smell.

one of the smelling experiences, photo: Lauryn Mannigel

# 1, 07.07.2015, details here.

# 2, 18.08.2015, details here.

# 3, 01.09.2015, details here.

# 4, 13.10.2015, details here.