Apple juice [2007]
At a dinner party, a friend started to make apple juice with an old-fashioned juice maker, which made the kitchen counter, as well as the entire floor, vibrate. I recorded some of the apple juice making process with a tape dictaphone.


Cottage walk series  [2007]
I made some field recordings with a tape dictaphone, while strolling with a Canadian sound artist/composer along a lake through a forest somewhere in rural Québec.

Cottage walk 1


Cottage walk 3 [2007]


Is this techno? [2007]
Using Cycling 74 Max/MSP this was an attempt to make something like techno music. I built upon my aesthetic memories of minimal German techno from the 1990ies while being particularly interested in dissolving “heavy” beats. Here an excerpt.


Didn’t get along [2007]


Things you can do with a dryer [2007]


…strolling on line 14 [2006]
Here an excerpt form a walk exploring the sound environment on metro line 14 in Paris.


Noise noise [2006]


Soft soft noise [2006]


Heavy heavy noise [2006]


Synthaxylov [2006]


Bout de boîte [2006] (friendly re-use of Estelle B.‘s soundfiles)


Circular [2006] (friendly re-use of Estelle B.‘s soundfiles)

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