Voie Vois Voix

Collaboration with Alfonso Arzapalo (MX), Marie Benech (FR), Simon Bertrand (CA), Nathalie Caron (CA), Annie Conceiçao-Rivet (CA), Stéphane Dionne (CA), Dominique Pepin (CA), Guylaine Séguin (CA), Frédérique Ulman-Gagné (CA), Maria Eugenia Poblete (CL), Camila Vasquez (CL)

2008-2009, Verticale, Laval (CA)

In this collective project, the gallery space became the focal point for the documentation of actions taking place in multiple locations (Compton (CA), Concepción (CL), Montréal (CA), New York City (USA), The Hague (NL)) that questioned relations to space: distance, connection, and trajectory. Guidelines for the weekly interventions were set by predetermined themes: laughter, circle, line, table, secret, walk, and departure. The goal of the project was to overcome the distances that physically separated the collective. While some members occupied the gallery space, others communicated their actions mostly over the internet, sharing photos and sound recordings made during daily activities. Through my actions, I made attempts to reduce the perceived distance between myself in the Netherlands and the other members of the collective in Canada, the United States, and Chile. This included meeting with the ambassador at the Chilean Embassy in The Hague in an attempt to symbolically transcend political territory and establish a connection with another artist of the collective who was visiting Chile.

Thematic timeline
5-10 January
Action 1: Laughter (sound, the pleasure or discomfort of being together)
Action to take place before the opening

11-18 January
Action 2: Circle (a gesture, a repeated movement, a dynamic unification)
Live action during the Vernissage

19-25 January
Action 3: Thread (the location, the visible or invisible connection)

26 January – 1 February
Action 4: Table (place for sharing, a gathering, a meal, public invited as guests)

2-8 February
Action 5: Secret (perform an action in secret while thinking of others in the group, later
adding the traces of the action to the gallery)

9-15 February
Action 6: Walk (displacement, trajectory, lost and found, geographical location, public
invited as guests)

16-22 February
Action 7: leaving, removing everything but leaving traces, remembering, no longer being
physically present


performance view of action 4



intervention view, Chilean Embassy, Den Haag, February 2009


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