TT – toast in transit

Collaboration with Caroline Blais (CA)
April 2010, Burned Toast: A toast to toast, Headquarters Gallery, Montréal (CA)
January 2007, Concordia University, Montréal (CA)

TT – toast in transit is based on the concept of misappropriation and transition. Our starting point was a toaster – an object of every day life with a specific function. This toaster became more than just an object, we saw it as a material representation of a transitional state of being between two spaces, or between two physical states: being asleep or awake. A transitional physical space is created around the object. The toaster diffused submerging machine-like sounds which were recorded in the subway environments of Paris and Montréal.

See this blog for the development of the project.

pre installation view

See video documentation of installation

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