Occupation Sonore

Collaboration with Patrick Valiquet (CA) and Think Tank
7-8 December 2007, Entres Autres, CDEx, UQAM, Montreal (CA)

Occupation Sonore was a series of in situ experiments in the manipulation of public sonic space. Over the course of six exploratory sessions from September to December 2007, a public passageway at pavillon Hubert-Aquin at the Université du Québec à Montréal was occupied and transformed by acoustic vibrations. During the two final experiments which were part of an exhibition, the public was invited to help shape the sound and find the resonant frequencies of the building’s ventilation system by working with the software which we designed for the project. By physically moving through the space, participants experienced changes in the circulation of the sounds. The goal for the public presentation was to continue the research process and open it up to public participation.

See video documentation summarizing this project

video still of session 3, November 2007

video still of performance, 8 December 2007

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