April 2007, Audible Topographies, Concordia University, Montreal (CA)
December 2007, Dorkbot Paris #7, Festival Les Mondes Hors Pistes, Galerie Agnès B., Paris (FR)

NAÏVE °2 was presented as part of the course Audible Topographies (2007) at Concordia University, Montreal (CA) and at Dorkbot Paris #7 at the festival Les Mondes Hors Pistes at Galerie Agnès B., Paris (FR).

Photos: Lauryn Mannigel & Julien Dorra

NAÏVE °2 is a wearable and tactile audio installation that explores the impact of the physicality of sound on the body through processes of embodied listening. It is one of the artistic outcomes of an interdisciplinary practice-led research project entitled NAÏVE, which investigates the abstract concepts of dis-placement and integration as general themes in the context of the perpetual social and architectural transformations in urban spaces. In an attempt to challenge the limits of urban structures, NAÏVE creates fictional audio scenarios that immerse the aural urban fabric with the sounds of sea/ocean water.

NAÏVE °2 consists of a felt hat with integrated DC motors that plays a specially designed audio piece, which is composed of field recordings of the sea and low frequency sounds. The motors are connected to an amplifier and located in the hat’s pocket, which touches the wearer’s neck. Through bone conduction, the listener’s body can become an organic resonator that allows for one to perceive sound as coming from within the body. Using the neck as an area sensitive to touch, NAÏVE °2 investigates the threshold between the physical states of pleasure and pain. For the audio component, NAÏVE °2 explores the coexistence of collected field recordings from the sea with computer generated pure low-frequency sine wave sounds. These low frequency soundwaves partially corresponded with Alpha (7 to 13Hz) and Beta (13 to 30Hz) brainwaves, which can be experienced as vibrations because they are below the lower limit of audibility (approx. 20 Hz). Due to the high vibrational quality of both types of sounds, the listener can be immersed in a powerful embodied listening experience.

Video: Lauryn Mannigel

Felt hat designer : Sabine Alpers

Funding: This project has been supported by the Fonds de Solidarite et de Developpement des Initiatives Etudiantes, Université Paris 8, Saint Denis (FR)