Internal Earthquake

2014, The Ability to Fail in Public, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (DE)

By questioning the cultural dominance of sight, the sound installation Internal Earthquake invited visitors to sensually experience a vibrationally-sensitive space through hearing and touch in the dark. As part of the exhibition The Ability to Fail in Public, which explored the role of failures in artistic processes, Internal Earthquake proposed a corporeal experience of space at a time of dense cultural production in the city of Berlin. The conceptual framework of the exhibition demanded that testing and development of the work was to happen on the day of presentation. On June 21st 2014, the artist investigated and entered in dialogue with the exhibition space by experimenting with its aural, spatial, and vibrational qualities. Due to time as well as technical constraints, the artist used a pre-existing sound composition. The set-up of speakers separated by a felt blanket on the ground created a listening space between them. Internal Earthquake emitted very low frequency sounds and used binaural beating to create an aural experience oscillating somewhere between comfort and discomfort.

Listen to the sound composition [3min58sec]. Headphones or low frequency speakers are recommended.


Installation view, photo: Heiko Pfreundt

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