Hotel California

Collaboration with Patrick Valiquet (CA)
2010, Antagonistic Nonconformistic, DeltA Centre, The Hague (NL)

This intervention was an experiment in creating an autonomous project space within a conventional exhibition format. The team transformed their studio space into Hotel California, an exaggerated utopia of non-conformity, raising questions about identity, tolerance, and indifference. Hotel California explored the change and growth of a space by opening it up to social encounters and informal discussions. For the time of the exhibition the artists worked in the studio space every day, meeting and talking with visitors during opening hours, and with the participants of a series of public events: a costume party during the vernissage, a yoga class, a video-screening, two dinners, and a closing discussion. Hotel California was a place to have and share experiences.

intervention view











In January 2010 we were approached by Stichting Delta who wanted to organize a group exhibition for the “Hoogtij” (when most of the contemporary art galleries in Den Haag have their openings on the same night and offer guided tours) in which the studios at the DeltA Centre would be cleared out and painted white. The title of their group show was to be “Antagonistic Nonconformistic”, and there was no determined curatorial direction. Turning the studios into ultra-conservative white cubes would have been extremely ironic considering the title, so we decided to counteract irony with more irony, developing a project which would use the entire space of our studio for the entire duration of the exhibition, preventing any normal gallery activity.

Within a month, we transformed our studio space at DeltA Centre into Hotel California, an exaggerated utopia of non-conformity in which to raise questions about identity, tolerance, indifference. We have decorated the studio especially for the project, by covering all the walls and windows with diverse and colourful pieces of fabric and by wrapping the ceiling with silver foil.

video stills of installation view


You can visit “Hotel California” at DeltA Centre , Zaanstraat 25 in Den Haag, fom Friday the 12th of February to Friday the 19th of February, 2010. Exhibition hours are from 13:00h to 17:00h but personal meetings outside of those hours are also possible if you contact us in advance. If the door to the building is not open please ring the door bell or ring to let us know that you’re there.

Special events:

12th february, 20:00h – opening & COSTUME PARTY!
14th february, 16:00h – yoga-shiatsu & dinner (RSVP)
17th february, 18:00h – dinner & video screening (RSVP)
19th february, 15:00h – tea time & closing discussion

Hoping to see you at Hotel California,

Claudia Mannigel & Patrick Valiquet

intervention view of opening night


intervention view of opening night


intervention view of dinner & video screening night

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