Experiments with space – atelier/toilette

April 2008, artist studio, UQÀM, Montréal (CA)

This project was a series of interventions in a shared studio questioning the borders between public and private space. The act of exploring and altering the space provoked changes in the relations between individuals and their private spaces. Experiments were oriented towards manipulating the central point of reference of the atelier by, for example, regularly changing around the position of furniture, covering objects with modeling clay, and removing the dropped ceiling tiles in order to enlarge both the visual and auditory size of the room. An adjacent public toilet became the ephemeral centre for documentation of the actions taking place and of the theoretical questions opened up through the interventions. This project was oriented towards a research process which was later shared in an oral presentation describing the interventions and the questions they had raised.

intervention view of studio, February 2008

intervention view of studio, February 2008


intervention view of public toilet, March 2008


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