Collaboration with Hoda Adra (CA), Raed Mousa (CA), Harry Smoak (USA)
2006, Concordia University, Montréal (CA)

Dinner was a series of sensory experiences exploring private spaces and its changing characteristics, concentrating on the social gestures around a dinner table. The artists invited strangers to share a “ritual” – the act of eating. This project was an investigation into the participants’ eating habits and their associations within specific eating contexts. Through culinary experimentation with taste, texture and color Dinner explores the culturally dependent meaning of food. The artists were interested how the food and context would influence the collective interaction around the table.


TV dinner, private kitchen, Montréal (CA), November 2006

all vegetable dinner, private kitchen, Montréal (CA), November 2006

Ethiopian dinner, private kitchen, Montréal (CA), December 2006

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