Décalage de pages

January 2006, Université de Paris 8, Paris (FR)

decalage de pages

installation view

Décalage de pages questions our obsession with time. This installation displayed time clearly as a spatial material. The photocopies that were made in Berlin and Paris, during one minute leaving the cover of the machine open, suggested a slight shift in time between these two european cities which are both located on the same time zone. By using the photocopy machine Ricoh FT 5840 on 3 January 2006 at 14h29 at the internet café Internet Treff on Köpenickerstrasse 1 in Berlin Kreuzberg, the amount of photocopies turned out to be smaller than the ones carried out on 4 January 2006 at the same time at Université Paris 8 on 3 rue de la Liberté at Saint Dénis with the photocopy machine Nashuatec Aticio, Os m 645 of the brand Energy. Does time go by faster in Paris than it does in Berlin?

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