( De l’Air )

Collaboration with Alfonzo Arzapalo (MX), Marie Benech (FR), Simon Bertrand (CA), Nathalie Caron (CA), Annie Conceiçao-Rivet (CA), Stéphane Dionne (CA), Marie-Ève Fortier (CA), François Georget (CA), Rawi Hage (CA), Daniel Michaud (CA), Dominique Pepin (CA), Guylaine Séguin (CA), Frédérique Ulman-Gagné (CA), Maria Eugenia Poblete (CL), Jacko Restikian (CA), Camila Vasquez (CL)

April 2008, Galerie CDEx, UQÀM, Montreal (CA)

intervention view from Saint-Denis street

( De l’Air ) was the collective act of filling a gallery with transparent balloons until it became impossible to enter. This filling process, which took place in situ, lasted for two full weeks, and ended with an explosion session during which the collective “breath” was released in 18 minutes. The physical actions of blowing and pumping air into the balloons were shared together with invited guests and passers by. By working as an open collective and by engaging the public in the work, this project was an attempt to defy the conventions of authorship. The physical remains of the project were unintentionally disposed of by cleaning staff.

intervention view of the filling process

closing performance view of releasing the collected breath

post closing performance view

Listen to the release of the collected breath during the closing performance [18min32sec]

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