Think&Action Tank

founder & organizer
February 2014-May2015
various locations, Berlin (DE)

Gaining deeper insights into people’s creative practices by illuminating creative processes, and allowing creators to get feedback was Claudia Mannigel’s motivation to start curating the Think&Action Tank in Berlin. The conceptual and structural format was intended to evolve over time.

The Think&Action Tank was a nomadic space for dialogue and reflection about artistic processes and presentation formats which fostered a dialogue with actors from the fields of art, architecture, dance, education, sound art and urbanism. The Think&Action Tank allowed them to present their work-in-progress. Speakers were invited to focus their presentation on their working process about which they received questions and constructive feedback. Meetings took place in different locations, which were selected by the invited speaker. The Think&Action Tank stimulated the potential for interdisciplinary exchange and collective action among Berlin creatives by fostering the development of already existing projects and new ideas.

Think&Action Tank was conceptually interested in asking the question of and zooming in on how artists, architects, dancers, educators, sound artists and urbanists based in Berlin conceive of and work with SPACE.


16.04.2015 with sound artist and researcher Heidrun Schramm, Neukölln, Berlin
(documentation coming soon)

24.02.2015 with architect and sound artist Guillermo Lares, Neukölln, Berlin
(documentation coming soon)

12.11.2014 with artist and writer Jonas Marx, Wedding, Berlin 

13.04.2014 with dancer and choreographer Oliver Connew, Deck Drei workspace, Berlin

23.03.2014 with visual artist Antoanetta Marinov, Kunst im Taut Haus, Berlin

21.02.2014 with visual artist Stefanie Loveday, Hauptbahnhof, Berlin
(documentation coming soon)

06.02.2014 Initial brainstorm meeting, Mittelpunktbibliothek Adalbeertstrasse, Berlin

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