23 March-5 May 2019, Smell Feel MatchExperiment Zukunft, Kunsthalle Rostock, DE, curated by Susanne Jaschko
Smell Feel Match lets you explore the multiplicity of your feelings and judgments towards others’ body scent. 



10 January 2019, Smell Feel Match, test run, TOP e.V., Berlin, DE
Smell Feel Match – an olfactory performative experiment that explores feelings and judgments towards others’ body scent*. In spring 2019, it will be presented in the exhibition Experiment Zukunft curated by Susanne Jaschko. Experiment Zukunft is a joint project by University Rostock and Kunsthalle Rostock. The Smell Feel Match test run at TOP e.V. provided an opportunity to participate in the experiment and will help prepare its presentation in Rostock. 

April-May 2018, Art meets science, creative innovation, Art-science residency, Wageningen University, NL
I will continue working on my long-term project about the affective perception cognition of body scent* under the residency theme of Dialogue of inclusion and diversity in collaboration with scientists from the Agrotechnology and Food Sciences (AFSG) as well as Social Sciences (SSG) research group.

29 December 2017, Tea House, 34C3, Leipzig, DE
I talked about my artistic process and gave insights into the feeling experience and perception-cognition of body scent* of my olfactory dating performance Love Sweat Love The public will also be invited to explore other’s body scent.

29 November 2017, Odorama: Scent and Scentsuality, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL
curated by Caro Verbeek
For Museumnacht Amsterdam 2016, Mediamatic invited me to develop the olfactory dating performance, Love Sweat Love. The public — playing a crucial role — activated the performance by collecting their body scents, as well as smelling and selecting their favourites from a large collection of body scents. They were guided through the smelling process by a short survey. For Odorama, I will unveil the insights into the feeling experience and perception-cognition of body scent* that result from this performance. See documentation here.

31 October 2017, Observe the interior and thy shall sweat, Café Chercher # 4.2, VOX-POP Creative Space UvA, Amsterdam, NL
curated by Emily Huurdeman and Dalida Georgiou-Achmet
I presented work in progress on the feeling experience and perception-cognition of body scent*, which started with the olfactory dating performance Love Sweat Love (2016). I will tackle the following questions: How do we perceive human body scent we feel attracted to? How to research feelings towards body scent through performance outside of a laboratory setting? How to evaluate and interpret my survey accompanying Love Sweat Love that inquires into the feeling experience of body scent?

22 June 2017, Love Sweat Love: Affective and perceptual experience of human perspiration in AmsterdamHuman Olfaction conference, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, NL
I presented initial results of my artistic research on the feeling experience and perception-cognition of body scent* within the framework of the olfactory dating performance Love Sweat Love (2016). By outlining selected results of the survey (roughly 300 participants) that was part of the performance, I illuminated participants’ feeling responses of attractively perceived perspiration samples of others. I focused specifically on feeling descriptions of participants who consider scent in a relationship as meaningful, thereby distinguishing between biological sex as well as the use and non-use of fragrance. To interpret the affective perceptual experiences, I drew upon the Geneva Emotion and Odor Scale (GEOS) (Chrea et al. 2009) as a tool for examining odor-evoked emotional experience. For details check out my poster.

* Body scent refers to the entire spectrum of human body odors, as they occur in everyday life. Body scents can be rather natural, or modified by added products such as shower gel, aftershave, essential oils, etc. Overall, all activities (such as working, exercising, food, etc.) have an effect on our body scent.